About Me

Welcome, I am happy you have found the site and I hope you enjoy these reflection, stories, and insights that have developed from living in the Valleys. These valley reflections arise from time spent in South Wales, India, England, Mexico and the USA. 

I hope and pray that any reflection or narrative encourages, empowers and assists you as you contemplate, dream, unpick, and explore the adventure of life that you are journeying.

I have lived and worked in various valleys on several different continents around the world. I was born in a little terraced house in a village in South Wales that was known as the “Gates of the Valleys”. My travels have taken me to work and live in several valleys in Asia, North America and Europe, all of which has affected and impacted my life.  

This site shares some of these stories and reflections that have influenced and shaped my thinking, hopes, and faith. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in contact with me. I will try and reply from wherever I may be.