Kevin Potter

Welcome! What’s it like to actually live and work in different locations worldwide rather than just travel through them?

Reflections from the valleys is what it says it is, reflections, stories, insights, musings from various valleys I have journeyed through. Some of these insights come from physical places dotted around the world, whilst others come from adventuring through more emotional and personal valleys.

Whatever the place, the reflections are part of my story.

They illustrate life lived amongst different people and places, impacting my physical, spiritual and mental wellbeing. I hope and pray that any reflection or narrative you read encourages and aids you. Also that it helps you contemplate, dream, unpick, and explore the adventure of life that you are going through. I was born in a tiny terraced house in a village in South Wales known as the “Gates of the Valleys”. My travels started in my early 20’s and have taken me to work and live in valleys in Asia, North America and Europe. Currently, I am based on the edge of the Chiltern Hills in the Thames Valley.